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YXXS (Equiv to YXXXS - 2)
YXS (Equiv to YXXS - 4)
YS (Equiv to YXS - 6)
YM (Equiv to YS - 8)
YL (Equiv to YM - 10)
YXL (Equiv to YL- 12)
AS (Equiv to AXS)
AM (Equiv to AS)
AL (Equiv to AM)
AXL (Equiv to AL)
AXXL (Equiv to AXL)
AXXXL (Equiv to AXXL)
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IMPORTANT NOTE: These particular hoodies, due to our dyeing process end up being quite a little smaller than our regular size hoodies.
We recommend if you like an AM in our current black zip hoodies, you would get an AL in these orange hoodies. So you would go up 1 size. E.g a YL would go for an AXS

You are welcome to try them on at one of our locations. But please ensure you order the correct size as these are a once only pre order, so limited stock will be available and swapping a size may not be possible. 

Get these for $75 if you pre order, otherwise $80 if you wait for them to arrive in stock!

Our MINI ME Sizes (Y2-8) are only $60 /$55 if you pre order